上海美国国际学校(Shanghai American International School)

AP A-Level
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国家(country) China
外籍英语老师(native english teachers)
拓展课程(extra languages)
平均班级容量(class sizes average)
最大班级容量(class sizes maximum)
课外活动(extracurricular activities)
校车(school bus)

Founded in 1912, SAS is China's largest international school, with more than 3000 students from 40 countries. We offer a pre-kindergarten through grade 12 program based on an American core curriculum. We are a private nonprofit, and nondenominational school set on two purpose-built campuses. SAS成立于1912年,是中国较大的国际学校,来自40个国家的3000多名学生。 我们提供学前班到12年级计划基于美国的核心课程。 我们是一个私人非营利组织,迅速学校设置两个专门的校园。 We take pride in being a top-tier benchmark school in China and that 98 percent of our graduates move on to colleges and universities of their choice around the world. We are committed to our program that reflects both our school community's high expectations for academic rigor and the needs of our multinational student body. We are also deeply committed to our mission, which encourages all students to live their dreams. 我们在学校感到自豪成为一个顶级的基准,在中国,98%的毕业生进入高校的选择到世界各地。 我们致力于我们的节目,我们学校既反映了社会的学术严谨性和很高的期望我们的跨国学生身体的需要。 我们也致力于我们的使命,鼓励所有学生生活的梦想。 We support our program with state-of-the-art facilities that include gymnasiums, IT centers, science laboratories, music and art rooms, playing fields, outdoor tracks, two stunning Performing Arts Centers, blackbox theaters, and two aquatic centers. Our combined libraries contain the largest English-language collection of books in Asia. We are proud to teach Chinese to more students in more levels of proficiency than any other international school in the region. 我们支持我们的项目与较先进的设施,包括健身房、中心、科学实验室、音乐和艺术的房间,运动场,户外,两个惊人的表演艺术中心,黑箱剧场和两个水上中心。 我们的组合库包含较大的英语书在亚洲的集合。 我们自豪地教中国学生更多的熟练水平比其他任何在该地区的国际学校。 We encourage our students to pursue a wide range of interests beyond the classroom. In partnership with parents, we foster the development of each student’s potential by seeking a balance of academic, physical, social, emotional and ethical pursuits. 我们鼓励我们的学生课堂之外追求广泛的利益。 我们与父母合作,促进每个学生的发展寻求一个平衡的潜在的学术、身体、社会、情感和道德追求。 We represent an international community of teachers, students, parents, counselors, psychologists, librarians, and more. Our teachers alone represent more than 27 countries, with nearly two thirds from North America. Nearly 60 percent hold master’s degrees or above. 我们代表国际社会的教师、学生、家长、咨询师、心理学家、图书馆等等。 老师单独代表超过27个国家,有近三分之二来自北美。 近60%拥有硕士学位或以上。 We believe that by offering our students a challenging American core curriculum with an international perspective, we will inspire a passion for learning and a lifelong commitment to intellectual vitality and global thinking that will pervade every aspect of their lives. 我们相信,通过我们的学生挑战美国的核心课程有国际的角度来看,我们将激发对学习的热情和终身致力于知识的生命力和全球思维,遍及生活的各个方面。

Shanghai’s largest and most established international school with approximately 2,900 students from more than 45 countries 上海较大、较建立国际学校有超过45个国家的大约2900名学生 a well-respected school offering excellence in academics, athletics and the arts as well as comprehensive programs in both IB and AP 一位备受尊敬的学校提供卓越的学者,体育和艺术以及综合项目IB和美联社 a community dedicated to exposing students to a wide array of opportunities to build well-rounded global citizens. 一个社区,致力于让学生广泛的机会建立全面的全球公民

Embracing diversity enriches individuals and communities Acts of compassion and generosity of spirit create a better world When individuals take responsibility for their own decisions, they are empowered to make positive impact Each individual has intrinsic value and the potential to contribute to society Collaboration is key to overcoming complex challenges and achieving common goals Integrity is the foundation of enduring relationships, quality institutions and well-functioning communities As global citizens we have a duty to care for the earth and its inhabitants to ensure the well-being of humankind Creativity, critical thinking and a lifelong passion for learning are essential to personal fulfillment and to meet the challenges of the future. 拥抱多样性丰富了个人和社区 同情和慷慨的精神创造一个更美好的世界 当一个人对自己的决定负责,他们有权做出积极的影响 每个人都有内在价值和贡献社会的潜力 合作是关键克服复杂的挑战和实现共同的目标 诚信是持久的关系的基础,质量机构和运作良好的社区 作为全球公民,我们有责任关心地球和它的居民,以确保人类的福祉 创造力、批判性思维和终身学习的热情是必不可少的个人成就感和满足未来的挑战。

he better the beginning the stronger the finish. 开始完成越强越好。 At Shanghai American School we consider pre-kindergarten to be the important first steps of each child's educational journey. This time is marked by a child's rapid brain development and unbridled enthusiasm for experiencing new things and mastering new skills. At SAS your children in Pre-K3 and Pre-K4 joyfully learn because teaching and learning is done using a purposefully implemented curriculum based on play. Our curriculum supports your child’s cognitive, physical, and social-emotional development. These three elements form what educators call the whole child. Developing the whole child is what SAS does best. 预备班在上海美国学校我们认为是重要的第一步,每一个孩子的教育旅程。 这次孩子的大脑快速发展和无限的热情为体验新事物,掌握新技能。 在SAS孩子Pre-K3 Pre-K4快乐学习,因为教学和学习 使用有目的地实施课程基于玩。 我们的课程支持孩子的认知、身体、和社会性发展。 这三个元素形成教育家所说的 所有的孩子 。 整个孩子是什么情景应用程序较好的发展。 The classroom and outside environments are often called the third teacher. They are purposefully created to support the development of: 教室和外部环境通常被称为 第三个老师 。 他们有目的地创建支持的发展: Large and small motor skills 大型和小型运动技能 Increased language and knowledge of in math, science, reading and writing 增加语言和知识在数学、科学、阅读和写作 Behaviors - self-regulation and social interaction 行为——自律和社会互动 ncreased awareness of family, community and the larger world 增加对家庭、社区和更大的世界 Creative expression - art, dance, drama and music 创造性表达——艺术、舞蹈、戏剧和音乐 Teachers develop lessons using an individualized approach. Individualization is achieved through on-going observations and assessments of each child, and the results used to plan ever increasing complex experiences. A close eye is kept on the skills and concepts that will help to optimize each child’s potential and build the foundations required for the next step in their educational journey.  教师开发课程使用一个个性化的方法。 个性化是通过持续的观察和评估每一个孩子,结果用于规划日益复杂的经历。 仔细一看,是保存在技能和概念,这将有助于优化每个孩子的潜力,为下一步建立所需的基础教育之旅。